I Got Four Minutes to Write This...Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Yes, your pet can be your valentine.

Yes, your child can be your valentine.

Yes, a pal on Instagram or from your college years can be your valentine.

Yes, a tiny heart-shape lollipop or even a sticker means something because it’s about the gesture.

Yes, there are Valentine’s Day haters….they’re the ones that could use the sticker…or the lollipop….

…or the extra big obnoxious box of chocolates…they are also the grown up version of the kid who didn’t get as many valentines in their mailbox in class as their peers…so sad….

Yes, Valentine’s Day is so much more fun with a child, children, a group of friends, etc!

Yes, you can be your own valentine!!!

Nichole CavallaroComment