Why Home is My Vacation From My Vacation.


Vacationing sans family is definitely a different energy - considering you still have it when you come back from one. Maybe I’m just speaking for myself but (no, I know I’m not) vacationing with the family does a number on you. Like, double digits. I am depleted in physical energy because that is what happens when you turn into a mule who carries luggage and the weight of the world on your back. Okay not the world but the weight of life, on your back. Not to mention your supervision skills are always at a hawk’s level of standby. And mentally figuring out sleep schedules, shower schedules, eating schedules, everyone else’s schedules, etc. Packing, unpacking, swimming, napping, running, walking…yes it’s so enjoyable and yes, the memories are priceless! And yes, when I get home I am literally running on fumes.

As we drove the last 5 minutes from an hour and 45 minute drive from a family member’s house (after two flights and a bus ride) I sped up and had to give the pep talk to my fellow anxiety ridden humans, “we’re almost home! Almost! We’re around the corner!” It was hilarious and when we stepped inside, the home-life energy embraced me and I felt like I was on my way to another vacation. Mainly because Dorothy was right, there is truly no place like home.

However, I developed a migraine and a sense of nausea while I was unpacking. It was late, I had already eaten but wowza I was tiiiired. I took the best shower of showers and put on my soft pajamas. My little one was konked out in her bed and I climbed into mine. Hubs was in his office but I usually go to bed earlier than he because that’s just how marriage works sometimes :) The next morning, I was in full blown migraine mode, stomach ache and had to help my stepdaughter with her makeup for a dance shoot AND I had a session later that morning. Although it was my only session for the day, I would have appreciated the long break in the morning. Next time I’ll be more mindful of my time coming BACK from vacation because the time to debrief and process is just as important as jumping into the routine (at least for me).

Today, I am staying in my soft pajamas, just like my daughter is, and taking it slow today. Perhaps catch up on some reading or writing, and trying to stay off social media for a little bit.

Doing basic things helps me center myself.


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