The Temperature of the Times: A Fever of Triggered Symptoms and Painful Reminders.

I think I wrote earlier in a post of mine regarding the heightened anxiety parents have for the safety of their children. I can say within the past ten years I have experienced the following concerns:

  • school shootings

  • the world ending due to nuclear warfare

  • death within the family

  • drunk driving

  • abductions

  • being attacked

  • flying in an airplane (although this has gotten better)

  • not landing safely in said airplane

  • losing a job

  • not being able to help support my family

  • danger coming to my child

Now, I know those are concerning and one would think I'd need to be medicated or seen. Unfortunately, we have all been placed in a position of fear and concern that I can excuse as reality and the toughness of life. The violence and threats of danger I cannot excuse. Those are very really. Recently, the #MeToo movement and a certain hearing have caused triggers in many, if not all, survivors of sexual abuse, assault, rape and other sex crimes. Instead of writing about the darkness of the world that consumes our minds, here are some ways to feel grounded when triggered.

1. Seek professional help. There is a reason this is number one. If you do not know how to cope safely, or feel as if you're in crisis mode, call your local crisis hotline or shop around for a therapist.

2. Understand that the recollections are not going to hurt you and are not real.

3. Understand that you will feel exhausted, irritable, mad, angry, tired, sick, sad and confused when reliving some unpleasant thoughts.

4. Your body remembers and identifies trauma. Make sure you're aware of what your body is feeling and telling you. (Fast heart rate, sweating, tightness in chest).

5. Seek the support of close friends. I did this recently. And got two calls/messages that really touched me.

6. See number one.

Nichole Cavallaro