Feed Your Brain - The Center of Your Chain.

I don’t usually write about the anatomy of your body because I am not medical doctor but I do know a thing or two on wellness and how we take care of ourselves, and how it effects our bodies.

I’m sure you do too. Which is why I am going to create a bullet list with descriptions so as not to lose you to some brain zzzz’s…

So feed your brain and here is how:

  1. Connect with friends. I know, I know. This can be a little hard depending on your lifestyles. I’ve been guilty of trying and not being able to follow through or find a whiff of time to do so. But it has to happen and when it does, I feel like I awakened the part of me I often forget. Being engaged socially (NO NOT ON SOCIAL MEDIA) decreases the stress causing hormone cortisol (come on, don’t lemme lose ya). The lower that hormone, the lower your stress.

  2. Stop with the multi-tasking. It’s really not good for your brain, your mental health, your schedules, etc. When you multitask, you are allowing your brain to do two or more competing things. It overloads your brain and makes you less efficient. Think about it like a computer: send two emails, press send to complete a purchase, watch a show on Netflix, pay a bill online and create three stories on your IG. Writing that just sounded overwhelming. Can your wifi stream that powerfully and can your computer handle all of that in multiple browsers? I’d like to see.

  3. Eat for your mind. Think about what goes into your body as you eat and what part of your body it effects and helps function. That’s what I do when I eat fruit, sushi, tacos, french fries and/or pizza. I don’t eat all that at once, so settle down. But it does keep my accountable for what I eat and why I would choose to do so. Not only would weight and energy be a factor, but my brain’s FUNCTION would suffer. That’s scary. Like I’m a busy bee and a parent who can’t NOT function ha!

  4. Exercise till it sticks. Exercise helps manage blood pressure and lower stroke risk. It helps regenerate neurons in your brain to help it work better. Anything physical you can incorporate: walking, yoga, running, lifting, etc. You don’t have to be a fitness expert - you just have to keep yourself healthy for your children, yourself, your partner…ya know, your personal world. Don’t think of it as weight loss entirely - think of it as health gains. #AllTheGains

  5. Explore. The brain creates novelty and adventure. Try some new interests that command your FULL attention and keep developing your skills. I tried knitting and I love it. I taking photos of mushrooms and plants in the Spring time for fun. If you don’t like it, move on with something else. You must treat your brain and also the “little you” inside that craves that adventure ;)

  6. Prioritize sleep. UGHHHHH I have a problem with this bc I wake up at 3 on occasion - not a lot but I do have to get to sleep later than usual. Your brain actually has waste from energy needed for doing activities. During deep, slow wave sleep, which is mostly in the first few hours of your first cycle, this “gunk” gets flushed out. That’s good! To get more of that needed deep sleep, establish a nighttime routine, much like you would for a child. Again, the “little you” needs this as well.

So pretty standard guidance, but hopefully it helps you understand how amazing your body can be at healing itself and how important it is for us to take care of it each and everyday. I feel bad that I wasn’t kinder to it in my 20s. Better late than never I suppose!

Nichole CavallaroComment