How Do You Believe in Yourself?

When I tell you to believe, I want you to fully encompass the object of question with all your faith. Children do, without question. They believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and even the Tooth Fairy. At least my child does. And I think that is the beauty of childhood - the purity and lack of filter to even question potential magic in life.

To believe in that, without a thought and without any consideration, is the energy one needs to invest in themselves. We see those quotes so many times “Believe in yourself” and “Believe that you can”….but “how” do you believe in yourself? I’ve heard a few times growing up and a few times in school. But how was I, or any adolescent, with the green capacity to question things, throw all my belief into something I didn’t even know much about?

It comes with confidence. It comes with doing what you want to do, and actually believing that’s what you’re meant to be doing.

For example, I am a therapist. I had a hard time admitting that’s who I was and what I did for a living. It’s like calling your spouse “wife or husband” in the early stages of union when it seems foreign and brand new. I am not sure why…I think I needed to work more in order to believe it. Like, I needed to see results. And fast forward to now…yikes….I have a LOT of work on my hands and although it has it’s own measure of tenacity, it’s who I am and I have to believe in myself. I come across as someone who knows what I’m doing because I believe that is my truth. I am telling myself to be more active and involved in what I want out of my career and I look for the right times and spots to align myself in them. That gives my belief more weight.

Singers and performers believe in themselves. They are willing to perform with an energy that surpasses that of a normal person who wants your attention. Almost like a salesperson. They believe in a product and therefore try to sell it to you…if they don’t believe in their product, how would they make the sale and why would you even consider buying it?

It’s about a mindset and this is fed to us in our early ages by people who believe in us.

Nichole CavallaroComment