Don't Throw It Around!

“It” being the diagnosis. Don’t throw it around if you don’t know what it is, or if you THINK you know what it is. Sometimes certain diagnoses are misunderstood and it gets under my skin more than when people say “Valentimes” or “libary.” (All speech issues aside).

I’m here to set some terms straight so you don’t sound like a goofball and to potentially rescue you from any future embarrassment.

ANTI-SOCIAL. Ok. This is the biggest pet of my peeves on this list. I can see where the human being is thinking “anti” means “against” and “social” means going out, hanging with people socially….right? NOPE. NOT. EVEN. CLOSE. BUD. AntiSocial Personality Disorder is essentially “someone who fails to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behavior.” -DSM-V. They “disregard the feelings of others” and are “frequently deceitful and manipulative in order to gain personal profit or pleasure.” YIKES. SO the next time someone does’t wanna hang out, refuses to meet at places or engage in fun activities they’re not Anti-Social!

They probably have anxiety…

Oh look…ANXIETY. There are many levels of anxiety. Don’t confuse butterflies and nerves for Anxiety. Yes it may be related to it but it’s hard to differentiate between adrenaline rushes and feeling anticipatory anxiety. Nerves are nerves. Anxiety feels different and looks different. Sometimes it’s quiet, physical and/or very loud. Anxiety can be painful too. Chest pain, shortness of breath, sweaty palms, tension…..those aren’t butterflies.

OCD. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Stop saying “Oh my God I’m so OCD.” No you’re not. Individuals with a disorder that literally keeps them from leaving their homes are not at all excited about it. Its debilitating and very frustrating to live with. Allow me to write you two clear contrasting examples.

Me: I enjoy cleaning my home and putting each thing in their place. It’s less chaos and clutter for me and the family. Plus I like organizing everything because I have a particular aesthetic I want.

OCD: I need to wash my hands 7 times before I dry them; I don’t think I got all the germs off so I’ll wash them again 7 more times. I need to scrub the floor for about 4 hours because in my head, it’s not really sanitary. I have to shut the lights off, then on, then off again about 11 times. Maybe 12. If it doesn’t feel right, I start over. I sometimes can’t even leave the house bc my rituals take me so long to complete. I end up having bad relationships, my job suffers and I am preoccupied with my ritualistic compulsions.

See the difference? Being particular and finicky is normal. Not leaving your home or not being able to function, due to counting, cleaning and checking things repeatedly, is not. Hence why it’s called a dis-order.

BI-POLAR. Ugh this is a tricky one. If you go from being happy one day and perhaps pissed off or sad the next day, odds are something triggered you and you reacted that way. Having BiPolar involves extreme highs and lows in most cases. The key words: EXTREME and MOODS. Extreme highs could be where someone blows $15K and engaging in impulsive behavior and decisions…and then the lows are extreme depression and sadness, mood is very low and suicide may be on their minds…THAT’S BiPolar. It varies person to person, and the examples I briefly gave of symptoms do not include everything. Being wishy-washy or indecisive on things isn’t BiPolar.

These are the only diagnoses i’ve heard being thrown around in musical lyrics, poems, stories, conversations, etc. I guess if you were around me and you clung to them as slang, I’d be forced to correct you. But I won’t because I’m not gonna make it weird with us. So hopefully, you’ll see this and have a bit of knowledge under your belt!