Returning to Reality After a Vacation.

I have been here so many times. When vacation ends, I get sad and start to miss the people I am around even before we are gone from each other. Yes, you can pin that on my attachment issue haha - but it’s true for many people, especially when we have loved ones we rarely see or frequently see in a different setting.

Vacation or holiday is meant to be spent outside of the norm, relaxing and “forgetting” about real life for a while. I am not sure I agree with that expectation as it can seriously set you up for an epic mind game later.

I agree that it is healthy to unplug when you’re with family, etc. Perhaps that should be done in small spurts on a continued basis. I can’t possibly forget about my pets at home and the responsibilities it takes to care for them. I am constantly thinking of my family when I see shops and things they’d enjoy.

Work, is a different story too. I’d love to forget about work sometimes. But honestly, coming back from a week long vacation without work only to find it is there piled up? I am equally stressed as when I left, if not more! I mean there are some who would counter argue and say “Nichole I need to leave my work behind, it’s necessary!” For sure! You do you! But bear in mind that sometimes the bounce back from a holiday to a usual grind and be heavy enough to cause a little depression or minor blueness.

Here are a few things I’ve done to acclimate back and not miss vacation time so much:

  1. ABSOLUTELY TAKE 1-2 DAYS OFF UPON ARRIVAL OF HOME. I have been on vacations where I legit went back to work the next day. Nope not happening again. Taking the time off to get things clean, done and back into the flow of things is needed.

  2. DO A FEW THINGS YOU WOULD NORMALLY DO THAT DAY. Example, we got home from a trip around 4pm. Usually I’d be online for work, however, I needed a few things from the store so I ended up driving to run some errands. Felt good to drive and back in my element.

  3. R E L A X. Because to be honest….vacations are not that relaxing! They’re busy, hot, intense, full of plans, rushing, cleaning, etc etc! Traveling is draining.

That’s why we all know and agree with “we need a vacation from our vacation”~