Do you take insurance?

Currently I do not. I charge out of pocket.

However, I am able to supply you with a superbill/invoice so you are able to present it to your insurance provider for reimbursement. Be sure to contact your insurance provider to see what your coverage is first.

Understand that if you go through insurance, I will have to give you a diagnosis that will be on your permanent medical record. Insurance also gets to say how many sessions and how long you are able to participate in therapy. Which ever route you choose, I will support you.

How much is therapy?

  • 15 minute phone consultation = FREE

  • 30 minute phone/video session = $80

  • 45 minute phone/video session = $100

  • 60 minute phone/video session = $180

Is online therapy for everyone?

Online therapy is not for everyone. Some prefer the traditional therapy session in an office and that is okay.

Therapy is a personal choice and a very good self-care investment. Depending on the work you do and the support given, it can be one of the most helpful decisions you’ve ever made.

What can I expect? You can expect to be treated in a caring and empathetic way. Therapy can cause people to be nervous, especially online as it is still a new way to communicate regarding individual therapy. However, that will subside once we talk and see each other. The choice to pursue therapy is actually the first step towards progress so let’s keep going!

What are your cancellation policies?

I completely understand emergencies and out-of-our-power circumstances. You will know when you are ready for therapy and the commitment.

I ask that you give me a cancellation at least 12 hours before the appointment via email or call. If there is a no-show, I will have to bill you for the session. A fee of $25 will be added to the missed session in the event that the session is not paid for. Consecutive appointments cannot take place if previous session is not paid for.